Best places to see the Northern Lights

Experiencing the northern lights, scientifically known as the aurora borealis should be on every traveller’s bucket list. The northern lights appears when the solar wind particles collide with air molecules in the earth’s atmosphere, transferring their energy into light. So when planning a trip to view the northern lights, the best time to schedule it is during the late autumn till early spring months, as you need darkness and clear skies to see the northern lights. If it’s your dream to spot nature’s most breath taking light show, then head down to one of these top places for a lifetime experience.

Iceland, Reykjavik

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The northern lights are one of the major attractions in Rejkjavik, Iceland. This beautiful place is located on the very edge of the arctic circle. So the best time to see the northern lights in Iceland is from September to mid- April. Depending on your luck or how long you stay, it’s always best to plan your trip as the lights can be pretty unpredictable, so for an unforgettable sleepless magical night why not book the aurora bubble or the aurora floating tour in the secret lagoon. However, if the dancing lights don’t show themselves, there’s always something to do in Iceland.

Sweden, Abisko

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The Northern lights blaze across the arctic skies in Sweden, making it the perfect hotspot for travellers. Appearing in the beginning of September to around the end of March, it truly is a magical show. Surrounded by mountains and clear skies, the best chance you will get to see them is by making a trip to the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park. So why not combine a stay at Swedish Lapland‘s legendary hotel then whisk away to the Abisko National Park to see the lights lights over your head.

Norway, Tromso

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It is known that Norway is one of the best places to witness the northern lights especially in Tromso as it is situated in the heart of the Aurora Zone. This city is the prime location for the Northern Lights and midnight sun, between the months of September and March. If you do not get to catch the dancing lights there is plenty to do from viewing the breathtaking fjord landscapes and dramatic mountain peaks to reindeer spotting. It’s the perfect unconventional winter break destination.

Finland, Ivalo

Finland northern lights - blog

Ivalo in Finland is one of the finest and affordable places to see the northern lights phenomenon. During the winter months the lights are so bright here that they can be seen from the city even at one of the main hotel spots named as Hotel Kakaslauttanen. When you are not watching the lights, you can go hiking or hunting in the wilderness with a tour guide too. So, don’t forget your camera.

Northern Canada, YellowKnife

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As the nights grow longer, the breathtaking colourful northern lights look absolutely stunning dancing across the clear skies of northern Canada. Sitting on the edge of the Arctic circle, one of the best spots in Canada to view the aurora borealis is the yellow knife. It is a popular destination for northern outdoor adventures too such as sking and glacial viewing.

Alaska, Fairbanks

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Alaska is an all time favourite for the travellers in the winter months. The beautiful nature view of the northern lights is displayed with a bright yellow – green colour mainly in the Fairbanks area, commonly around the late August and April. Take advantage of this brilliant experience from a heated aurorium cabin, you can even enjoy snowmobiling with the family or dog mushing whilst your stay at Alaska.

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