6 Extreme Holiday Adventures

Not everyone can manage with an all relaxing holiday at the height of tranquility, some people need an adventure that gets the adrenaline racing and the heart pumping. Around the world there are spectacular opportunities to experience bucket-list type of activities. From Sky diving to crocodile cage diving, here’s a variety of extreme holiday adventures that might give you some inspiration to take a step into the unknown.

Abu Dhabi – Worlds Fastest Rollercoaster

Go faster than you ever have before on a ride in Abu Dhabi, courtesy of the Formula Rossa roller coaster at Ferrari World. The world’s largest indoor theme park was inspired by the body shell design of a Ferrari car. You can really push your holiday into the next gear, which will power you to speeds of 150mph an hour in less than five seconds… There are over 20 more rides and attractions if that’s not enough to get the adrenaline going!


South Africa – Ziplining

At the height of 918ft, and the distance of 1.2miles, the Unreal Zip 200 experience at South Africa’s Sun City resort has achieved its title of the highest, fastest and longest zipline in the world. Gain speeds of up to 100mph as you zip across the South African landscape, whilst you feel like you’re flying.


Kenya – Balloon Safari

The Governors camp offers a unique safari adventure, where you can head into the sky in a hot air balloon and hang above the Masai Mara forests and plains. The adventure sets off just before dawn, and is a chance to see wildlife from a different angle, suspended above the beautiful Kenyan game reserves.


Las Vegas – Free Fall Jump

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but a free fall jump from a 252m building might be something to tell the children about. The Stratosphere is Las Vegas’ famous skyscraper and offers a whole host of adrenaline fuelled activities at the top, from sling shot rides to roller coasters that go around the edge of the building, but this sky jump is truly not for the feint hearted.


New Zealand – Queensland Skydive

Queensland can be explored from the air in the form of a sky dive at one of the hosts of the sky diving schools, set up for tourists you can either go solo or in tandem as you fly through the air taking in the beautiful New Zealand countryside, which was the filming location of the Lord of The Rings Trilogy.


Australia – Crocodile Diving

Probably the scariest adventure on the list, an acrylic cage dubbed the ‘Cage of Death’ allows you to go up close and personal with a huge saltwater crocodile, but for the brave… this Australian tourist attraction is a chance for a close encounter with the mother nature.


Whatever continent you are considering a holiday in, remember there is always the option to decide what type of holiday you want as well as deciding the destination. Our travel experts can provide you with some great guidance, regardless of whether you’re looking for a destination that’s great for sky diving or just a beautiful over water villa with sweeping views of the horizon, we can help.

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