Top places around the world for curry lovers

Happy National Curry Week! Whether it’s Tikka Masala, Jalfrazi, Korma or a Balti, most of us love to have a curry even whilst travelling. Therefore, to celebrate we have rounded up our top places around the world to get your best curry fix. So, if you love to travel and enjoy a mouth-watering curry now and then, then get ready to tantalise your taste buds and read on our curry lovers…


For the most sublime curries in the world, India is at the top of the list to visit. Therefore, if you’re travelling to India expect to eat amazing authentic curries day and night in different parts of the region. The curry from the northern part is different to the southern part of India such as Hyderbadh is home to the biryani, Kerala is famous for its fish curries and mutton is popular in Jammu and Kashmir. Lamb rogan josh is a popular North Indian dish but Vindaloo curries are very popular in the southern part such as goa, so if you looking for more spice then the southern part is for you. These curries are eaten along with steamed rice and bread called roti. You could spend years traveling and discovering lovely spicy aromatic curries in every region.



Britain shares a history with India and for over 200 years, curry has become an integral part of British cuisine. Even though tastes are changing, Chicken Tikka masala has remained one of Britains national dishes. You can feast your eyes on this British cuisine at many restaurants and curryhouses now. Whether it’s a hot fiery curry or a mild one, London and Birmingham are the main places within Britain to experience one of the best curries.



Malaysia is a country of diversity, and the food reflects that. Being one of the early adopters of curry from India, Malaysian curries differ from state to state. Therefore, Malaysia is the ultimate most popular destination to travel for its culture and tasty cuisine. If you head to Kuala Lumpur the capital city it offers a huge variety of delicious street food curries such as Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa and the very famous Rendang curry (fish curry). However, if you are in Penang try the Nasi Kandar, a malaysian curry dish with rice.



Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with rich culture, unique heritage, pristine beaches, spectacular city scenery and delectable cuisine. Vietnamese food is mildly spiced with red hot chillies and herbs but the dishes and flavours vary from region to region. The curry in Vietnam is called Ca ri, it includes sweet potatoes, potatoes, taro roots, green onions, cilantro and coconut milk. One of the best vietnamese curries are found in the beautiful Hanoi with the chicken curry (called Ca ri ga) being there main staple food. Ho Chi Minh City also offer well known curries such as beef brisket curry or oxtail curry served with a baguette or rice. As some of these dishes can be quite spicy, its best to wash it down with Vietnamese beer called bia hoi.



With the perfect weather and magnificent beaches in Jamaica, it has a reputation for being spicy, with its most popular dish being the jerk chicken. However, Jamaica is also very famous for its signature curries such as the curried goat dish, curried chicken dish as well as fish and shrimp dishes served with rice and peas. If you ever travel to Jamaica, the curries can be found at street food stalls and upscale restaurants, enjoyed with a lovely rum cocktail.



If you love curry then Thailand is the perfect hotspot to travel for its authentic cuisines such as the famous massaman curry being the most popular. However, thai curries can be commonly available throughout the world. Curries in Thailand are called Kaeng, and they are created with meats such as chicken, fish or vegetables and spicy pastes made from chillies. To experience different thai Asian flavours in the north and south be sure to visit Phuket and other regions such as Bangkok and Chaing Mai.


Now you’ve read our Curry hot list, where will you travel to for your favourite Curry?

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