Amazing sights to see on Route 66

Route 66 is perhaps the most iconic driving routes of all time and we’d like to show you just why it has a legendary status around the world. From old luxury motels used by the early stars of hollywood to the more eccentric cafe diners and steakhouses, there is certainly an exceptional aura around the whole experience, especially when you’re in an exciting new hire car! Planning your start point and end point of your adventure along route 66 is essential, because you might not be able to do the whole route as it is almost 4,000km!

Grant Park, Chicago

The official start of Route 66 is Grant Park, which is in the bustling American metropolis of Chicago by Lake Michigan, the park is a beautiful example of mixing natural tranquility with futuristic skylines, and is also the site of Lollapalooza music festival.


Totem Pole Park

Three miles off Route 66 in Oklahoma is Ed Galloway’s Totem Pole Park, holding the world record for the biggest ever concrete totem pole. A nice touch for anyone interesting in native American culture.


MidPoint Cafe in Adrian, TX

Around the midpoint of Route 66 is a beautiful little place to enjoy a meal at the retro MidePoint Cafein Adrian Texas. Opened in 1928 the cafe started just a tiny one room restaurant with a dirt floor, but now its far to say it stands as a bustling pit stop for Route 66 travellers with its classic American diner styled food.


Blue Hole Santa Rosa

This is your chancd to scuba dive in the most unlikely of places, as half a mile off Route 66 is the Blue Hole, in the middle of the desert between Albuquerque and Amarillo. The blue hole is a popular spot for those looking to take a dive in cool fresh waters to escape from the desert sun.


Hollywood in the Desert: El Trovatore

The El Trovatore Motel in Kingman is an unprecedented motel in the 30s providing a hollywood accommodation in the desert with the likes of Marilyn Monroe staying at the motel.


Santa Monica Pier, California

You have reached the end of Route 66, take in the sights of a classic American broadwalk along the coast whilst looking out towards the Pacific Ocean.

santa-monica-end-of-route-66 santa-monica-pier

Where to stay in Los Angeles?

Once you’ve finished the huge once in a lifetime treack across the American countryside and completed route 66, you’ll find yourself in Los Angeles. What better way to finish your route 66 adventure than in pure luxury?

The Viceroy Santa Monica

Known as Santa Monica’s finest beach hotel, the Viceroy Santa Monica is a majestic haven of understated grandeur and comfort, located within easy reach of many of Southern California’s hottest attractions – not to mention the local beach. With its two pristine outdoor plunge pools, gourmet dining and sleek, stylish interiors it’s no surprise that the Viceroy Santa Monica is one of the premier luxury hotels in the area. Boasting a prime location on Ocean Avenue leading down to the beach, this 5 star getaway affords its guests spectacular views of the Pacific and is the perfect place to relax, unwind and savour a taste of true VIP treatment, LA-style.

Viceroy Grande Room - The Viceroy Santa Monica - Luxury Los Angeles Holidays

The Viceroy Santa Monica Bar

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