The Best Hotels To See The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are a frequent sight at night in northern countries with Lapland – the northern most part Finland – being the best place of all to see them. The Northern Lights are a colourfully explosion of green, red, yellow, pink and purple lights in the night sky. They are a totally natural phenomenon that demonstrates solar power at its best! They are caused by a collision of electrically charged particles from the sun.

Northern lights can be seen for 200 nights from the end of August through to April in Iceland, Greenland, Scandinavia and Canada. The light spectacle isn’t visible every night and nor is it the same two nights running, but is better the further north you go and can usually be seen between 5.00 p.m. – 2.00 a.m. Experts believe that Aurora Borealis has an 11 year cycle, with the 11th year being the best.

It can be great fun to wrap up warm and don your snow shoes, langlauf skis (cross country) or jump on a snow mobile or dog pulled sled and to head off into the inky night to watch the show but if the thought of going out in the cold and leave the warmth and comfort behind for a few hours really doesn’t appeal where there is a perfect solution! Why not watch the Northern Nights from the comfort of a warm room?

Norway has a number of great places to enjoy the spectacle of the Northern Lights. In the Lyngen Alps (about three hours from Tromso) you can try all types of snow sports by day and enjoy a comfortable evening in cosy accommodation with glass roofs for great night time viewing – for those born brave, many have outside hot tubs which can be used at night too of course!

In Bjorkliden which is on the edge of the Abisko National Park in Sweden there is a Northern Lights Festival and the sky station – which is accessible by chair lift – offers fantastic night time viewing. Svalbord is situated 620 miles from the North Pole and is totally isolated and polar bears definitely outnumber humans, nevertheless with few artificial lights at night it is definitely the place to see the Northern Lights at their best.

Arctic Treehouses

In the Finnish town of Rovaniemi (which lies on the Artic Circle) there is a variety of accommodation for those who want to see this night spectacle. There are 37 Arctic Tree Houses which are traditionally Scandinavian in style and are comfortably furnished with large windows for viewing the Northern Lights in comfort. Also in Rovaniemi, are the most opulent igloos ever! The ten luxurious Glass Igloos nestle close to the Santa Hotel Aurora in Santa Claus Village and were opened last winter (2016) offering guests the chance to enjoy the night time light show from the lavish comfort of their bed! The Glass Igloos have glass walls on three sides.

The Best Hotels To See The Northern Lights Arctic Treehouse

Levi Igloos

The Levi Igloos are situated just kilometres from the popular Finnish ski resort of Levi in Kittilä and they too offer stunning panoramic views by day and night. The Northern Lights House is a nearby villa for four-eight people that as well as stunning views of the night sky has a hot tub out on the terrace for those born brave!

The Best Hotels To See The Northern Lights Levi Igloos

Aurora Bubbles

In the village of Nellim, the Aurora Bubbles are comfortable viewing pods that sit by Lake Inari. The pods are cosy and romantic with a double bed and eco toilet for those who want to spend the night. The Aurora Domes in Harriniva look like giant snowballs sitting on the shore on Lake Tarassieppi! These warm, comfortable domes are surrounded by a winter wonderland. They have a single transparent wall which is north facing and the viewing the Northern Lights is extra dramatic as the colours are reflected in the still waters of the lake below. Based on the design of the kota – the tents used by samí reindeer herders, comfortable heated versions can be hoised in many remote areas and are ideal for groups. Remote they may be, but a definite plus is that the camp comes with its own Chef and butler!

The Best Hotels To See The Northern Lights Aurora Bubble

Hotel Iso SyÕte

Perhaps the most stunning accommodation of all is the Eagle’s View Suite at Hotel Iso SyÕte.- Finland’s most southernmost fell. This stunning suite is situated on the top floor of the hotel with unbelievable views over the snow capped trees of the forest and the wisps of morning mist. Totally immersed in the beauty of nature, the suite is perfect for watching the eagles soaring in the sunshine. Eagle’s View Suite has a glass ceiling and the night time carpet of stars and the Northern Lights fireworks display can be enjoyed from the comfort of the double bed or private Jacuzzi…. best not to drink too much wine though, or you might just spot Santa on his sleigh too!

The Best Hotels To See The Northern Lights Hotel Iso

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