When is the Best Time to Visit Hawaii?

Aloha’! If you’re keen to visit the stunning Hawaiian Islands, you have come to the right place. We’re going to provide some useful information on the best time to go on your amazing Hawaiian adventure.

Characterised by dark volcanoes, black sand beaches and sparkling waters, Hawaii truly is tropical paradise. With six unique islands to explore, there’s no time for lazing around while here.  A holiday to Hawaii is all about getting out and exploring – and is sure to entice even the most seasoned traveller.

Hawaii is a destination that offers all-year-round sunshine – and even the winter months are mild and warm; so you never have to worry about the weather holding out.

The best time to visit Hawaii is during the spring months of April, May, or June. The weather is warm but comfortable, the island is less crowded, and you may even be able to get a cheaper deal on flights and accommodation out of the main tourist season.

Visiting Hawaii in January

January is a pleasant month to visit Hawaii, with temperatures averaging at around 23 degrees Celsius, with approximately 8 hours of clear sunshine. The temperature drops slightly in the evening to around 20 degrees – which is still extremely mild.  Across the whole of the month, Hawaii receives an average of 78mm of rainfall.

Visiting Hawaii in February

February is another very warm month in Hawaii with temperatures peaking at 26 degrees. Again, temperatures remain mild during the evening with lows of 20 degrees. Rainfall increases to around 90mm during the month, but these sharp showers are brief and soon pass over.

Visiting Hawaii in March

Average temperatures remain much the same as in February throughout the whole of March, with daytime averages of 24 degrees Celsius, while sharp showers result in 90mm of monthly rainfall. The ocean is pleasantly warm in March too, which is ideal if you’re keen to enjoy water sports or snorkelling.

Visiting Hawaii in April

Remaining at temperatures of 24 degrees on average, April is a great time to visit Hawaii; whether you plan on lounging on the beach or seeing what the islands have to offer. Rainfall drops to 50mm throughout this month, so you’re less likely to get caught in an unexpected shower.

Visiting Hawaii in May

May temperatures increase slightly in Hawaii – ranging between 25 to 27 degrees Celsius during the day. Due to high UV levels, it would be advised to use high-factor sun cream to avoid sunburn. Also, be sure to seek shade when possible. Average rainfall drops to 40mm, and you can expect up to 11 hours of unbroken sunshine.

Visiting Hawaii in June

During June, average temperatures range between 26 to 28 degrees, so you’ll need to take precautions in the sun. Apply high-factor sunscreen and seek shade during the hottest parts of the day. Rainfall slightly increases in June to 45mm, but again, showers are short and sharp and you’ll soon dry out.

Visiting Hawaii in July

July is very much the same as June in terms of temperature – however, you can expect higher levels of rainfall on the island’s higher ground. It may be best to pack a rain mac if you’re visiting in July, just in case you’re caught in any surprise showers while exploring.

Visiting Hawaii in August

August is one of the hottest months of the year in Hawaii – with temperatures averaging around 29 degrees Celsius. During the intense heat, this would be a great time to spend days lounging by the pool or trying your hand at water sports to stay cool. As you may expect, the ocean is pleasantly warm during this time of year – almost as hot as the air at 27 degrees!

Visiting Hawaii in September

September is still a relatively hot and humid month, and the chance of rainfall is still relatively high. It is considered the wet season, so you may be caught out in a few rain showers while out and about – however, they should only be brief.

Visiting Hawaii in October

Autumn in Hawaii is very different to the damp and dull UK. October is still warm and pleasant without the humidity of the summer, which makes exploring much more comfortable. Temperatures remain at an average of 24 to 26 degrees Celsius.

Visiting Hawaii in November

Much the same as October, November remains warm, but you can expect more rainfall than the summer – so don’t forget to pack a mac and an umbrella to shield you in sharp showers. The good news is that you can still expect all-day sunshine, so sunbathing on the beach is still very much on the cards.

Visiting Hawaii in December

Why not enjoy a sunshine Christmas break in Hawaii? If the snowy, frosty days aren’t to your taste, you can instead enjoy the tropical climate of Hawaii. Despite being somewhat cooler than the autumn, temperatures are perfect for travellers keen to enjoy strenuous activities such as mountain biking and hiking.