When is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

When imagining a scene in Dubai – gold beaches, soaring skyscrapers, and all things luxurious spring to mind – and you wouldn’t be far wrong. Dubai is a firm-favourite destination with UK travellers, particularly during the winter months for escaping the cold British weather and the chance to explore a tropical paradise.

The best time to go to Dubai would be between September to April, thanks to all-day sunshine without the intense temperatures. If, however, you’d prefer a quieter holiday, you may prefer to travel from June to the beginning of September when there are fewer tourists. This is due to the fact that temperatures rise to 40 degrees Celsius and beyond which can be a little extreme for some, but the good news is that there are plenty of air-conditioned shops and venues in Dubai to cool off.

Visiting Dubai in January

Not a fan of the heat? January is one of the best months to visit Dubai. During this month, the annual Dubai Shopping Festival takes place, where tourists from around the world congregate to pick up bargains on an array of wares.

Temperatures averaging 24 degrees Celsius and low humidity levels create a comfortable climate for sightseeing or simply lounging by the pool. You can expect around 11 hours of sunshine each day.

Visiting Dubai in February

Still relatively cool for Dubai’s typically intensely hot climate, February temperatures rise to a maximum of 26 degrees Celsius during the daytime. However, it may be an idea to pack some warmer layers for the early evening, as the temperature drops to a still relatively pleasant 17 degrees.

Visiting Dubai in March

March temperatures rise to a slightly warmer 28 degrees while humidity levels remain low. This is another popular tourist month, with travellers planning their visits just before the intense heat creeps in. Much like January and February, you can expect between 11-12 hours of sunshine per day.

Visiting Dubai in April

Temperatures soar even higher during April, with highs of around 33 degrees Celsius. So, if you enjoy the hot weather, you’ll certainly be in your element – but be prepared for higher humidity levels. Despite this, there is only 7mm of rainfall over two days of the month.

Visiting Dubai in May

During May, temperatures rise significantly to 37 degrees Celsius – but the good news is that most indoor venues have air-conditioning facilities, so it’s easy to shield from the sun. You can expect 13 hours of daylight, so you’ll have plenty of time to go out and enjoy all that Dubai has to offer on each day of your trip.

Visiting Dubai in June

June is one of the hottest months in Dubai, with temperatures soaring to an average of 39 degrees Celsius. Most people may struggle with the heat and humidity, so you may want to find a few indoor activities in the local area if you wish to shield yourself from the sun.

Visiting Dubai in July

Again, July is one of the hottest months of the year in Dubai with temperatures rising to a scorching 41 degrees on average. For many travellers, this climate can be intolerable – and often struggle to spend much time on the beach or by the pool. Therefore, you may want to reconsider visiting during this month if you’re not a fan of excessive heat.

Visiting Dubai in August

Temperatures are still at an all-time high in August, with highs of 42 degrees Celsius. Sea temperatures also remain high at 33 degrees, which is perfect for enjoying water sports or a paddle to cool off. Again, if you aren’t a fan of hot weather, it may not be the most suitable month for you to visit.

Visiting Dubai in September

September starts to cool down – but only slightly, with average highs of 39 degrees. Humidity remains high and sea temperatures also remain at 33 degrees. As UV levels are still strong going into the autumn, it would be advised to apply high-factor sun cream every few hours.

Visiting Dubai in October

As winter approaches, temperatures start to become that little more comfortable with averages of 35 degrees Celsius. Humidity levels also drop slightly, so you may find it easier to go on active pursuits and explore the towns and cities.

Visiting Dubai in November

There’s a notable drop in temperature in November, with average highs of 25 degrees – still a warm and pleasant climate in comparison to the frosty British winter. With temperatures now becoming more bearable, tourist numbers start to rise in Dubai once again.

Visiting Dubai in December

December is one of the most popular months for tourists – especially over the Christmas period. Temperatures average at 21 degrees during the daytime and 16 degrees in the evening, so you may benefit from packing a light jacket when the sun goes down.

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