The best travel apps to download right now

These days, the only real accessory that you’ll need on holiday is a well thought out travel app, whether it’s to book a restaurant reservation while in Japan, a one-stop app for photo editing or a free Wi-Fi spot finder. If you’re heading on holiday soon, here’s our 6 best travel apps can’t live without.

An app for getting free Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Finder

If you love being connected to the world, no matter where you are, this app is for you. Wi-Fi Finer is a free app that finds Wi-Fi hotspots around the world (over 50 countries to be exact). You don’t even need to be connected to the Internet to use the app, which is an absolute bonus!

An app that serves as a pocket itinerary

 Tripadvisor Offline City Guides

Tripadvisor is the encyclopedia of travel, so it’s no surprise that this makes our best travel apps list. When connected to the Wi-Fi or Internet, you can browse your holiday destination in great detail, from hotel reviews to nearby restaurants and things to do. Download maps, reviews and saves from over 300 worldwide cities for free, saving you data and roaming charges while traveling.

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An app specialised for honeymoons

Honeymoon Dreams

Our sister company, Honeymoon Dreams has a tailored app for newlyweds and soon-to-be brides, oozing with information on top selling honeymoon destinations such as Dubai and Maldives, as well as a blog section and hotel recommendations.


An app for travel photography


Snapseed is the perfect photo pocket companion, edit your travel snaps at a touch of a finger with features such as crop, rotate, transform, brush, healing (removing dirt from an image), vignette and add text to your photos. Choose from a selective of 13 filters and even load a RAW image to export as a JPG. The new face tool smoothens the skin and adds clarity to the eyes as well as bringing the face to focus.

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An app for seeing your favourite destination in live action


If you’re one of those travellers who loves to research your favourite destinations down to the last detail, Periscope is your pocket buddy. Discover live video streams from around the globe, with filters such as location and topic. What’s more, you can broadcast your own live videos to help others view the world through your eyes. Periscope is also an interactive app where you can share your thoughts through hearts and comments, and sharing on social media. If you’ve missed a live stream you can always replay the highlights.

An app for making reservations  


Discover local restaurants around the world in the US, Canada, Mexico, England, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Japan and more. Make and manage restaurant reservations and even earn points towards rewards each time you use the OpenTable app. Instantly book and reserve your table across the globe for free, search by preference (party size, date, time, cuisine, price and distance) and send your friends OpenTable invitations to keep them in the know!

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An app to find the best airport lounges worldwide


You’ve booked your holiday and you’re making your way to the airport with plenty of time to kill – this is where LoungeBuddy comes in handy. Finding the right lounge with your budget in mind is a lot easier with LoungeBuddy, purchase lounge passes in seconds, view amenities, open hours and see reviews from over 800 of the most popular airports in the world.

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An app that helps you pack


This intelligent app will become your savvy packing assistant. PackPoint takes data from the length of stay, weather in the destination and any activities you’ve planned while out there to create the ultimate packing list! Simply add the departure date and number of nights in your chosen destination and let the app do the work for you, all that’s left is to get packing!

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