8 Breathtaking World Heritage Sites

There is now over 1000 world heritage sites around the globe and we thought we’d tell you about a few from our popular destinations! There’s a siteseer in everyone and here’s 8 sites to add a sprinkle of inspiration to your day. Starting with the obvious ones first we arrive at the Taj Mahal!

Taj Mahal, India

India as a tourist holiday is definitely becoming more and more popular and a visit to the country is simply not complete without seeing the world famous Taj Mahal, originally built by the emperor to be the tomb of his favourite wife. Hundreds of thousands of people flock to see this 17th Century marble mausoleum each year from across the globe.

india pic

The Grand Canyon, USA

Easily one of the most famous World Heritage Sites, and one of Americas most wondrous landscapes. The Grand Canyon is a main attraction in Arizona and there are many ways to experience the deep canyon from land, sea and air whilst staying nearby in the man built attraction none other than the city of Las Vegas.

cran canyen

Chicen Itza, Mexico

The Mayan civilisation have left us truly astonishing ruins, shrouded in ancient mystery. One of the great archaeological sites is Chichen Itza where there is multiple ruins alongside the majestic El Castillo pyramid. Whilst in Mexico you can stay at a luxury beach resort and as well as enjoying a guided tours of this World Heritage site.


Mount Fuji, Japan

The snow covered mountain peak of Mount Fuji can be seen for miles and is the highest mountain in all of Japan, it’s even visible from the skyscrapers of Tokyo!  The best way to experience this world heritage site though is to get up close and personal with a day of hiking, there is no better way to discover this natural wonder of Japan.


Venice, Italy

Founded in the 5th century with 118 small islands separated by expansive canals, Venice is a masterpiece of architecture in every sense of the word. Home to some of the worlds best artwork, Venice is a vast cultural hub which brings the best out of Italian culture and this is backed up by Italy having the biggest number of World Heritage sites (47).


Cultural Landscapes Of Bali, Indonesia

There’s no explanation needed for why Bali is one of the most tranquil escapes on the planet and is amazingly popular for a relaxing escape or pampered honeymoon. The cultural landscapes of Bali like the rice fields pictured below are strictly protected by UNESCO meaning that Bali’s natural allure is preserved allowing you explore an almost untouched world.


Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Known as Lion Mountain, Sigiriya is an ancient city with a palace built on the 370 metre mountain peak. Many study the vast Sigiri graffiti carved into the mountain, which is one of the first examples of the Sinhalese language. These ruins are one of the wonders of the ancient world and remains one of the biggest attractions in Sri Lanka.

sri lanka

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Vietnam is a natural paradise and Halong Bay is no exception with the evolving stone islands that cast the water of the gulf of  Tonkin into different colours during the day. The oldest limestone is 280 million years old and there is many grottoes and enclaves that have formed since then. Halong Bay’s southwest islands are an unbelievable sight and deserve there heritage label with eagles soaring past the forested peaks and between the elaborate combination of islands.


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