Holiday inspiration for 2016

As we head into Autumn, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about your amazing holiday plans for 2016! Whether you’re looking for a family getaway, a couples retreat or romantic honeymoon. To give you the best inspiration for your holiday plans we have gathered a collection of destinations hand picked by our travelled travel advisors, who have shared their amazing experiences to help with your holiday inspiration for 2016!

Discover amazing culture in Mexico

Mexico is full of cultural gems to discover, from the Tulum ruins and the grand colonial architecture to the famous Chichen Itza. Scattered with luxury and boutique resorts, Mexico prides itself on offering amazing culinary experiences as well as Cancun’s electrifying nightlife. The best time to visit

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holiday inspiration for 2016 - pure destinations - mexico

Step back in time at Dubai Souks

As well as discovering the modern side to Dubai, it’s worth a trip down to the traditional Arabic Markets, also known as Dubai Souks, located in the commercial business district of Deira. The most popular souk in Dubai is the Gold Souk, where walkways are lined with hundreds of jewellery shops where gold, silver and precious stones can be purchased.

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See the great Apes in Borneo

Orangutans are exclusively Asian species of the current great apes and can only be found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatara. Malaysia is a magnificent place to experience wildlife encounters and seeking out the wonderful and rare Orangutans is an experience any animal lover should do while in Borneo.

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holiday inspiration for 2016 - pure destinations - Borneo

Swim with pigs in the Bahamas

Located on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, also known as ‘Pig Beach’ is home to 20 adorable pigs and piglets. Legend says the pigs were dropped off by a group of sailors as food supply; gladly the pigs looked after themselves and currently attract many visitors who love to swim with these friendly animals.

Holiday inspiration for 2016

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An explosion of culture in Vietnam

Vietnam is soaring with things to do and is easily becoming a more requested destination for couples and honeymooners. Head to the dazzling city of Saigon for an admirable collection of things to see and do such as fine dining, glitzy bars, Pagodas and temple. Escape the busy streets of Vietnam on a Halong Bay Junk Cruise, where you can relax and take in the most incredible landscapes of limestone karsts while afloat the emerald waters.

holiday inspiration for 2016 - pure destinations - Vietnam

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