Best Greek Islands to visit in 2020

Who can fail to be charmed by the Greek islands? With their rich history and culture, sumptuous cuisine, warm hospitality and sun-kissed beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, there’s something for even the most delectable traveller to enjoy. While away the hours on the powdery white sands, wander the traditional white washed streets, and watch the sun set with dinner and, if you’re feeling brave enough, a stiff shot of Ouzo. Here, we unlock the secrets of the most beautiful Greek islands to visit this summer…

 Best for breath-taking views… Santorini

The cliff tops views from the traditional village of Santorini simply must be one of the best in the world. Add in the enchanting whitewashed buildings, the traditional paved streets and the blue-topped buildings and it’s pure unfiltered gorgeousness from start to finish. You also can’t fail to be charmed by the unique cave rooms, carved out of the cliff face, which are styled in chic, contemporary décor. Wander around the narrow streets before stopping off for some traditional Greek food at one of the many tavernas and then enjoy an alfresco drink as you watch the sun slowly sink into the sky – what could be better?

Luxury Greece Holidays Best Greek Islands To Visit In 2020 Santorini

 Best for old-world charm… Rhodes

Along with its beautiful beaches, Rhodes is also an island that is rich in history and culture. The Old Town is as enchanting as it comes; you can enjoy getting lost in the maze of winding, pebbled streets, explore the Palace of the Grand Masters, and walk down the famous Street of the Knights complete with stone buildings and gothic archways. It’s also worth visiting the traditional white-washed village of Lindos. Climb the acropolis to enjoy the incredible views of the ocean, investigate the treasure trove of shops, or enjoy a crisp glass of wine at one of the many rooftop bars and restaurants.

Luxury Greece Holidays Best Greek Islands To Visit In 2020 Rhodes

 The best for buzz… Mykonos

Grab yourself a cocktail and get ready to mingle with the jet-set crowd that come to party in Mykonos over the summer. You’re sure to be beguiled by the glamourous allure of private yachts, expensive restaurants, and exclusive beach clubs – and if you want to dance until sunrise then open-air venue Cova Paradiso is the perfect place to do it. If you’d like to see what else the island has to offer then make sure you get yourself out of bed to explore the charming Mykonos Windmills or wander the streets of the sleepy Ano Mera village – because there’s nothing like the white-washed charms of Greece to fend off a hangover.

Luxury Greece Holidays Best Greek Islands To Visit In 2020 Mykonos

Best for beaches… Zante

With sleepy, secluded bays, bustling parasol-lined strips, and pristine pockets of surf fringed with sparking clear water, the Greek island of Zante is truly packed with gorgeous beaches. From the long stretching shoreline of Gerakas beach, known as a nesting spot for sea turtles, to the vibrant buzz and bustle of Tsilvi beach, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Navagio beach – also known by its moniker of Shipwreck beach – is also a must-visit on the island. Framed by sheer limestone cliffs and with the stranded freightliner of its name resting on the shore you can enjoy unobstructed rays as the turquoise sea laps at the shore. The fact that it’s only accessible by boat makes it even more enchanting.

Luxury Greece Holidays Best Greek Islands To Visit In 2020 Zante

Best for a tranquil retreat… Paxi

If you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind then Paxi is definitely that. It’s a sleeper hit that’s managed to stay relatively off the radar in comparison to the other larger resorts, and so if you want to escape the crowds and carve out your own little piece of paradise then here is the place to do it. Expect lush emerald hills, charming fishing villages and unspoiled beauty – from the pristine white beaches to the olive groves and the gorgeous natural springs. It really is Greek’s best kept-secret; so just don’t shout about it too loudly.

Luxury Greece Holidays Best Greek Islands To Visit In 2020 Paxi

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