How to Prepare for Your South Africa Safari

So, you’re about to embark upon your next big adventure; you have decided to venture out into the savannah, a place of beauty and discovery! You will be exploring the humble abode of animals you have only dreamt of seeing in their natural habitat. You can mentally prepare yourself for an enlightening trip where you will be filled with awe for every second you spend in the presence of these majestic and fascinating creatures. You must bear in mind when organising your trip, that this is no ordinary holiday! But you must prepare yourself physically too. There are lots of little things you can bring for your South Africa safari that will make all the difference, so we have decided to outline a few of the most important ones to ensure your safari is the best it can be.

Remember to pack the little things that go a long way…

  1. Binoculars: You won’t always be able to get up close and personal with each and every animal you see on safari, after all, there is a lot of ground to cover! Binoculars will give you the chance to get a good look at everything even if you aren’t within a few meters distance.
  1. Sun cream & sunglasses: This is a pretty obvious one but it needs to be reiterated! The sun over the southern hemisphere is super-strong! Travelling to the heart of the bush before realising you have ran out of sun-cream may not leave you in the best of moods, especially if you get sun-burn.
  1. Insect repellent: These are often stocked up in hotels and lodges, but it’s always good practice to have more than you think you may need! Being nibbled at constantly by midges and mosquitoes will not be fun at all. You can buy clothes that are pre-sprayed, and they look a lot better than you would expect!
  1. Layers: People think of safaris and expect sweltering heat, and they aren’t wrong. What they may fail to remember is that the temperatures fluctuate dramatically, being extremely hot during the days and below freezing at night. Your best bet is to leave in the morning with plenty of layers on and then you have the option to peel them off throughout the day. Better safe than sorry!
How to prepare for a south africa safari - campImage: Governors Main Camp

A few things to remember…

Your safari won’t be the same if you end up contracting Malaria, so make sure you have had all the proper vaccinations before you go! It’s a good idea to go equipped with your own medicine kit too; antibiotics, ointments and anti-septic wipes won’t go a miss, just in case you do end up getting a nasty bite!

When travelling to South Africa, it is required that your passport expires AT LEAST 6 months before you return date, and you need to have two facing blank pages.

Make sure you have insurance for your belongings, medical problems, trip cancellation and emergency evacuation! Once again, better safe than sorry!

It is a good idea to spend a few days in different hotels/lodges in different areas. The bush is a big place, and you can maximise the types of animals you see if you cover more land!

A few tips from Pure Destinations!

Take a spa! A spa is an amazing way to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. It will help your body tune in with the peaceful nature surrounding you, and your mind will be left feeling cleansed, ready for some enlightenment and discovery.

A plunge pool is a great way of cooling down on long, hot days spent exploring the vast plains. It can get extremely hot and humid in South Africa, so keep your body cool! We offer a range of lodges that have pools for you to bathe in….

Lion Sands Game Reserve


Kariega Game Reserve

How to prepare for a safari adventure in Kenya - lodge

If you can, try and sleep under the stars! There is nothing more serene than drifting asleep to the gentle hum of the savannah. At Lion Sands Game Reserve, you can stay in a treehouse where you are completely exposed to the sounds of the nature around you. You will hear hippos honking, lions roaring, hyenas cackling, and even more magical sounds from the bush. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to find your oneness with nature on your South Africa Safari!

If you are dreaming of a South Africa safari, whether it be for a holiday or a honeymoon, be sure to get in touch with our travel experts so we can begin tailor making your adventure of a lifetime! Simply call us on 0121 446 4932 today or leave us an online enquiry!

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