Why have a Luxury Ski Holiday?

If you are a skier, the chances are you will have been asked the question, “why on earth would you go skiing?” People assume skiing is only for people daring enough to brave the blistering cold and risk injury for the sake of sliding down a few slopes.  This is simply not the case! Skiing can be a thrilling, sociable and most of all, fun, holiday where you can practise an amazing skill as well as still having the perks of a luxury holiday anywhere else. The only slight difference is there is a vast blanket of snow everywhere you look, and you will have to dress in a bit more than a t-shirt and shorts! We LOVE luxury ski holidays at Pure Destinations, which is why we have complied a list of reasons why you should go on one!

Skiing is amazing for all levels of skiers.

You don’t have to be an adrenaline junkie or be able to carve your way effortlessly down a black run to enjoy skiing. Skiing can be enjoyed by people of all levels. Whether its tootling round on green runs as a beginner, gliding down a blue run, or darting down a red or black run, skiing is thrilling and fun no matter what kind of skier you are.

Skiing is VERY good for you!

Although it may look like skiing is nothing but sliding down a hill, it is so much more than that! It is an intense workout for your body, toning your legs and abs especially, and walking around in big heavy boots and poling on the flat snow can be a great work out too! In fact, on average you will burn about 400 calories an hour doing moderate skiing, and skiers doing lots of traversing on steeper slopes burn around 700 an hour! If you have good stamina and would enjoy cross-country skiing then get fuelled up for your day, because you could be burning up to 1000 calories an hour!


‘Après ski’ occurs when the day of skiing is over and the social activities begin. Most ski resorts are filled with restaurants, bars, live music and clubs where conversation and alcohol is flowing. The Alps are most famous for this concept, with countries like France and Austria being especially notorious for their Après ski. La Folie Douce is a particularly famous Après ski entertainment business that is found in Val d’Isere-Tignes, Val Thorens, Meribel-Courchevel, St Gervais-Megeve an Alpe d’Huez in the French Alpes.


A paradise for fashion-fanatics!

Skiing isn’t just a sport! It’s the perfect excuse to get kitted out with amazing ski gear. Ski resorts are often filled with shops, from smaller chic boutiques to expensive designer brands, not just selling ski-wear but all kinds of clothes, souvenirs, houseware and much more!


Stunning views

Every direction you turn while you’re on your skis will be utterly breath-taking, and there will certainly be constant opportunities to take amazing photos. There is something oh-so-serene about being surrounded by snow-covered mountain when the visibility is clear as day, the sun beaming down on you and with people trailing down the mountains so gracefully.

It’s not just a skiing holiday!

There is so much more on offer than just skiing when you go on a skiing holiday, shop till you drop on the highstreets and in the malls, go tobogganing or ice-skating, take a relaxing spa, go to the arcade, go swimming, go on a bar-crawl and there are many, many other attractions too. If you don’t fancy skiing for a day or two, then there’s plenty of other holiday activities you can indulge in.

Most ages can ski!

Many children begin to ski about a year or two after they have become completely comfortable walking. It is very common to see children as young as 4 years old on the slopes, and not that uncommon to see even younger ones. As long as an adult is fit, healthy and has good joints then age does not have to be a barrier at all! Skiing is a rare occasion where all 3 generations of your family can all agree on what to do!


Luxury like no other…

Ski chalets and cabins offer some of the most sumptuous accommodation you may ever see. With huge timber, cosy blankets, stunning views, heated outdoor pools and often doorstep skiing, you are bound to be swept off your feet if you choose to have a luxury ski holiday.


Photo: Image of St Regis Aspen in Colorado 

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