How to Spend Winter and Summer in Iceland

No matter what the season or weather is, Iceland is the most popular destination to visit as a couple or with family. It boasts with stunning scenery, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, glaciers and hot springs. Although, Iceland is the main spot for one main attraction, the breath-taking northern lights. Here are the best things to do on your Icelandic adventure in winter or summer….

Winter in Iceland

Visit the Blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is Iceland’s most visited tourist attraction and definitely one thing you should tick off your bucket list if you’re thinking of escaping to Iceland. The world famous Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa and pool perfect for couples, honeymooners and group of friends. It’s a must see attraction naturally heated and located in a lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula. Rich in minerals and healing powers, we say it’s the idyllic place to unwind after a bit of sightseeing.

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Explore the stunning crystal ice caves in Icelandics largest glacier

Explore one of the most unique and impressive natural attractions in Iceland, the natural ice caves. The ice caves form in Vatnajokull glacier, in South East Iceland, every year only in winter and fall apart in the summer. Therefore, these truly mesmerising wonders of nature can only be accessible between November and March. The tour is available for families and anyone with a basic fitness level as there is a lot of hiking to do. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture great memories whilst taking in the shimmering shades of beautiful blues.

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Ride on Horse in Iceland

Tour the Icelandic countryside on a horseback riding tour. Whether you’re experienced or not, one of your guides will choose a horse to fit your skill level. This is the perfect adventure for you and the kids, exploring the wonderful nature of Iceland on top of an Icelandic horse. Imagine riding through some truly gorgeous countryside, dried lava plateaus, farmland and rivers and being surrounded by stunning panoramic views of the volcanic mountains. No trip to Iceland is complete without enjoying a Horse-riding tour through the beautiful Iceland

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See the Northern Lights

If it’s your dream to spot nature’s most breath taking light show, then Iceland is one of the best places in the world to experience this. Iceland has a high latitude making it the perfect destination to watch the gorgeous northern lights. The best time to see the Northern lights are in winter especially from September to April, as you’ll need clear and dark sky’s to see them. On a good day, you will be able to see the lights dance across the sky in various stunning colours from yellow to green to pink, red and purple. It’s always best to plan your trip as the lights can be pretty unpredictable.

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Explore Iceland’s Golden Circle Tour

The Golden Circle is the most popular tour to experience in Iceland. Along the route, you get to see the breath-taking landscapes, the largest waterfall, geysers and hot springs. It sure does make it the perfect day trip for all visitors to Iceland. The Golden Circle tour takes in three popular attractions all within 100km of the capital including the Geyser Hotsprings, Gulfoss waterfall and Thingvellir National Park. None of these three attractions are further than a two hour drive from Reykjavik.

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Summer in Iceland

Make the most of the Midnight sun

The days are pretty long and bright during the summertime in Iceland, making it easier to stay up late. Due to the Iceland’s northerly latitude, the sun does not really set during the height of summer. So if you are thinking of visiting in the summer months the best time to head to Iceland is starting of late May and until August. The sun is visible for almost 24 hours with the sun setting just after midnight and rising again before 3am making it truly the city that never sleeps.  Giving you plenty of time to see the beautiful sights of Iceland and making wonderful memories.

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Explore the Icelandic Glaciers

With there being ice all year round, during the summer months the weather becomes warmer meaning the glacier slowly shrinks. However, Glacier walking is perfect during the middle of the summer. It is a unique experience exploring the best of the Icelandic glaciers either by hiking, ice climbing, skiing or snowmobiling. To visit the glaciers in Solheimajokull or Skaftafell, a guide or organised tour will be needed. You can also visit the glacial lake filled with large icebergs floating around by a boat tour and sample some of the freshest water straight off the icebergs.

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Take a dip in the geothermal heated swimming pools

If you’re after a relaxing day, then take a dip in one of Iceland’s numerous outdoor swimming pools, which are heated naturally by thermal hot springs. From the Blue lagoon to the 82 foot pool hidden in the Seljavallalaug valley, bathing in the outdoor pools on a hot summers day in Iceland is a must do. Be completely alone with nature, relax and watch the wonderful landscape surrounding you. It’s a great source of natural therapy and relaxation and to meet new people.

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Trekking and Hiking around Iceland

If looking for something more adventurous and to get closer to nature, try out hiking. Discover the breath-taking scenery and natural beauty of Iceland. Pack your hiking boots and spend the day exploring the many beautiful places such as the hot springs, mountains, glaciers and glymur the highest waterfall in Iceland. The Lanugavegur Trek is Iceland’s most popular trek, this trek is 55km long so you may need to stay overnight, be sure to pack a tent. Take in the sheer beauty of the surroundings, hike over colourful mountains, cross powerful rivers and a glacier, go through green valleys and then complete the hike with a soak in the hot springs.

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