7 best things to do in Sydney

If you’re thinking of heading down under to escape Britain’s winter months, we have your ultimate guide to getting the most from your Sydney holiday. Our list of the best things to do in Sydney can help you to start planning your itinerary to get the most from your trip.

Phillp Island Penguins & Wildlife with Viewing Platform

Phillip Island is accessible by driving over the bridge that connects mainland to the island. The main attraction on the island is the penguin viewing platform, home to the world’s smallest penguins, you can witness them in their true habitat from the viewing platform during sunset – where the penguins have just finished their day at sea. The 180-degree viewing platform is set on the sand dunes. If you want to enhance your penguin experience, you can take a guided eco-tour, which allows you to see the penguins in their habitat during the night using night vision technology.


Sounds Of Silence Dinner

The Sounds of Silence dinner is spread across 4 hours, beginning with canapés and sparkling wine served on a viewing platform overlooking the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. You’ll mingle with fellow travellers as your glass gets refilled and sounds of the didgeridoo become your background music. Compliment your buffet lunch with a selection of Australian beers and wine. The Sounds of Silence Dinner also serves as a wonderful educational insight journey learning all about the night sky, the galaxies, Milky Way and the Zodiac.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Day Climb

Enjoy an escorted tour all the way to the top of the Harbour Bridge – towering 130-metres above sea level. Catwalk below the road-deck until you reach Southeast pylon, here you will ascend 4 ladders to the start of the upper arch. You’ll then continue along the bridge to the outer arch of the Opera House side until you hit the top. Once you’ve made it, you can first celebrate, and then secondly, appreciate the panoramic 360-degree views of Sydney’s iconic landscapes. This tour lasts 3 and 30 minutes – this is a must for adventure seekers.


Blue Mountains Day Trip

Spend a day in the outdoors exploring Australia’s most natural surroundings; see UNESCO World Heritage Sites and famous landmarks such as the Three sisters Rock, Jamison Valley and Scenic World. Home to Australia’s most iconic wildlife, you’ll get to feed koalas, kangaroos and wallabies as well as seeing the gigantic saltwater crocodile.


Port Stephens Day trip with dolphin watching

Port Stephens bay might not be situated in Sydney, but a day trip to this tropical island from Sydney is worth adding it to our list. Leave the bustling city behind for a day of dolphin watching, 4-wheel drive tours and sand boarding. Port Stephens Bay is home to native animals such as Tasmanian devils, platypus, wallabies and wombats.

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Watch live entertainment in Sydney Opera House

The iconic Sydney Opera House has a collective menu of shows and series to entertain your senses. Expect cabaret, circus, comedy, classical music, festivals and film showings. To really experience this iconic structure, why not take a comprehensive tour of the Sydney Opera House? If you’re travelling with children, there are plenty of family-friendly things do to, from interactive activities, games and performances that bring children’s stories to life.

Laze the day away at Bondi beach

Bondi beach is world-famous and really showcases the Australian lifestyle. Enjoy fish and chips in the beach, head out to sea to whale watch, learn to surf or hit the large shopping complex, Westfield Bondi Junction wit over 400 shops to browse.


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