Our  Miami and St Lucia Multi Centre holiday package presents glorious sunshine, boutique shopping, lively night scenes and an array of incredible beaches.


Situated at the most southeastern tip of America’s sunshine state, Florida, Miami is a holiday paradise with its amazing beaches with great surfing waves, its colourful art deco architecture, its friendly people and its swanky nightclubs. The city’s Cuban influences shines through with cigar shops and cafes lining Calle Ocho, and don’t forget to take a trip to the famous South Beach.
St Lucia

Famed for its two distinctive mountains, the notorious Pitons, St Lucia is a haven of beauty and relaxation for holiday makers. With fabulous opportunities for snorkelling, diving and a huge array of water sports, alongside its beautiful forested scenery and waterfalls, there is plenty of room to explore this stunning Caribbean island. Luxury-resorts-galore and with impeccable service from staff all-round, you are bound to be swept off your feet on your stop at Lucia on your multi-centre honeymoon.

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Mondrian South Beach - Miami Honeymoon - thumbnail
5 Nights
Room Only, Bay View Studio
4+ Stars

Placed on the beautiful Biscayne Bay waterfront, the Mondrian South Beach offers style and sophistication to its guests, giving easy access to the electric energy of Miami while also providing a safe-haven to retreat to and spend days relaxing. Designed by Marcel Wanders, the hotel is modelled on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and shimmers with decadence, whimsy and more than a hint of old-fashioned romance. Only a short distance from Mondrian South Beach you will find flashy light and hustle and bustle of central South Beach and Ocean Drive. The idea is when you step through the lobby doors, you will be entering your very own fairy tale.


The Body Holiday - thumbnail
9 Nights
All Inclusive, Luxury Ocean View
4+ Stars

Booking a suite at The BodyHoliday will ensure the perfect last stop for your Miami and St Lucia multi-centre holiday. This opulent 5 star escape offers stunning scenery, all-inclusive accommodation and an impressive selection of facilities and activities, all guaranteed to provide you with an unforgettable vacation experience. Looking out onto Cariblue Beach, this quintessential location allows you to spend your warm days swimming, sunbathing and exploring, with your nights being filled with fine dining in an award-winning restaurant.


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Crafting a versatile itinerary for your destination holiday ensures a fulfilling experience. Here's a general outline for various types of destination holidays:

Cultural Exploration: Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting historical sites, museums, and cultural landmarks. Explore local traditions through art galleries, performances, and culinary experiences. Engage with the community by participating in cultural workshops, language exchanges, or volunteer opportunities.

Adventure Seekers: Dive into outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, or water sports. Explore natural wonders like forests, mountains, or coastlines through camping or wildlife spotting. Seek thrilling experiences such as skydiving, zip-lining, or bungee jumping.

Beach Bliss: Relax on sandy shores and enjoy water activities like swimming, snorkeling, or surfing. Indulge in beachside relaxation with spa treatments, sunset cruises, or seaside dining. Explore underwater worlds through scuba diving, sailing, or beachcombing.

Wildlife Exploration: Embark on wildlife safaris to observe diverse animal species in their natural habitats. Visit national parks, reserves, or sanctuaries to appreciate biodiversity and ecosystems. Support conservation efforts, interact with local communities, or enjoy eco-friendly tourism activities.

Cultural Immersion: Immerse yourself in local customs, traditions, and lifestyles through cultural tours and experiences. Engage with local communities through homestays, cultural workshops, or community-based tourism initiatives. Participate in festivals, ceremonies, or cultural events to deepen your understanding of the destination's heritage. Tailor your itinerary to match your interests, preferences, and the duration of your trip, ensuring a memorable and enriching destination holiday experience.

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