Seven Worlds, One Planet: 7 Unforgettable Holidays

This blog will guide you through the Attenborough-narrated Seven World, One Planet and will describe seven wildlife tours inspired by the series, featuring colonies of king penguins in Antarctica and the rarest creatures of South Africa.

  1. Antarctica

Experience the first episode of the series in real life and be mesmerised by the supersized beaches adorned by king penguins and elephant seals. And if you’re lucky enough to be travelling in February and March, you can witness the natural beauty of migrating humpback whales. You’re most likely to observe these astonishing creatures in the South Shetlads, the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula and Drake Passage.

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  1. Asia

In the second episode of the series the charming golden snub-nosed monkeys were introduced. You can stop dreaming and travel to their natural habitat of Sichuan to fully engage with these cheeky species. You will also have the opportunity to gape at the absolute cuteness of the extraordinary red pandas. Sichuan is conveniently located in the Yangtze River Valley as to offer the finest of sightings of Chinese mammals. In order to come across the red panda you will go through the Labahe Forest reserve and Tangjihe Nature Reserve. As for the Pallas’ cat you will look through the Tibetan Plateau. The little sanctuary of Sichuan presents a plethora of wildlife, such as Himalayan marmots, white giant flying squirrels, Tibetan foxes, extraordinary birds and many more.

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  1. South America

Explore the wonders of Southern Chile in South America and experience the real thing of puma-tracking. Remember the compelling story of the female puma, Sarmiento? You will have the chance to finally meet her and keep track of her progress in Torres del Paine National Park. Be be comfortably accommodated in the first-class EcoCamp Patagonia, complimented by a well-known Chilean photographer and animal expert, Diego Araya. Additionally, you will look for other Andean pumas and be met by the endangered South Andean deer.

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  1. Australia

During the fourth episode of the series, viewers were quite impressed by the astonishing pre-historic cassowary with its original, vibrant blue plumage and threatening helmet. The thrilling adventure of exploring the Daintree National Park awaits your arrival, featuring sights of the cassowary and some of the more friendly-looking North Queensland’s inhabitants. As one of the oldest tropical rainforests in the world, this lush haven has been home to the Kuku Yalanji for 50,000 years and offers a blend of exotic greenery and untouched beaches. As you hunt for remarkable wildlife species you can after spend the nights relinquishing your energy in a four-star resort accommodation.

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  1. Europe

Pack your bags and embark on the extraordinary journey of visiting the outstanding charm of Finnish Lapland. You might remember the photogenic brown bears from the episode in Europe. Wouldn’t you like to say hello and try take an unforgettable selfie? Then you can add the photos to your favourites of wildlife sightings. You will be able to experience the authentic charm of nature by staying in a rustic timber lodge and enjoy the finest of local and fresh ingredients.

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  1. North America

In the exciting sixth episode of the series North America was represented by the beautiful polar bears near Churchill and the residents diving in the sea to find Beluga whales. Witness the natural beauty of the Arctic Tundra and gaze upon the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears. You will also have the exclusive opportunity to engage with other wildlife hiding in the tundra, such as the Arctic fox, snowy owls and Arctic fare.

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  1. Africa

Don’t miss out on the chance on experiencing the episode on Africa first hand and enjoy the unique wildlife journey across the South African lands. You will be based in the best of South Africa’s camps and spend your time searching for the adorable pangolins and aardvarks you saw in the seventh episode. In addition, you will hunt for porcupines, meerkats, Cape mountain leopards, white lions and many more. All these lovely creatures are known as the shyest and rarest wildlife treats to spot.

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