Where To Holiday July

Everyone sees amazing places like the Caribbean or the Maldives in brochures and they’ll always be in nothing but sunshine, however contrary to popular belief, that’s not always the case! Wherever you go try and check the best times to travel, because there are monsoons and hurricane seasons you’ll want to avoid. Here are just a few places which most of the time will reward you with fantastic weather for a July holiday:

Kenya holiday July 

For safari lovers, July is a month that offers mesmerising opportunities in Africa. Wildlife activity comes to life during what is referred to as the “dry season” and in Kenya you can view the breathtaking annual wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. In the winter season, the wildlife is much easier to spot, as vegetation is less dense and the animals all gather around rivers and waterholes. The weather is much calmer, being sunny most days and much less rain present. There are also fewer mosquitos, meaning there’s less of a chance you’ll find yourself being eaten! If you travel to Kenya in July you’ll find stunning views and beautiful sunsets, accompanied by the sights of majestic animals.

Recommendation: Mara Bushtops – There are plenty of resorts which can heighten your experience of Kenya, such as the “Mara Bushtops”, which is perfectly placed on the edge of the Maasai Mara national reserve. The luxurious tented camp is situated on a beautiful private hillside, allowing you to take in the glorious terrain in pure relaxation. Mara Bush Tops is perfect for an unforgettable Kenyan safari holiday.



Las Vegas Holiday July

July is usually the hottest month of the year in Las Vegas with average temperatures regularly creeping above 30°C. If you’re looking for sun, but also a metropolis of entertainment to explore then Las Vegas in July is the place you need to be. A 4 mile long strip packed full of entertainment, hotel attractions and casino complexes await those heading to Las Vegas in search for a once in a life time trip. Premium shows, lavish theaters and live music can be discovered everywhere around Vegas and the best way to experience all of its perks is to spend some time exploring the neon lit strip. Check out the adrenaline pumping rides on top of the stratosphere or see one of the world’s most famous water fountain shows at Lake Ballagio.

Recommendation: The Ballagio hotel would be a captivating escape for a holiday. An iconic building, modeled on the Italian village of the same name, Ballagio Las Vegas is ideally located for the highest convenience and boasts unprecedented luxury. Allow your romance to flourish at one of the hotels lavish gourmet restaurants or have a venture around the hotel’s world class art gallery and botanical gardens.

Bellagio - exterior 2

Bellagio - bedroom2

Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Holiday July

Malaysia can be temperamental with its weather, although typically the best time to visit is in the region of between March and October. If you’re looking to avoid most of the rain and humidity you should go around this time frame, but even then there can be a troubling lack of breeze towards the beginning and end of these periods. For a city styled holiday head to Kuala Lumpur, which is the capital of Malaysia and the pinnacle of culture with shopping malls, local markets and fine national cuisine. Sightseeing opportunities will remain at your fingertips throughout your stay in Kuala Lumpur, wherever you are take advantage of the KLCC public recreational park or head up the Petronas Towers for an inspirational view of the city below from the skies.

Recommendation : Traders Kuala Lumpur is one of the finest examples of a modern hotel in Malaysia, with luxurious and chic rooms to accommodate every last need. An array of bars and restaurants help set the tone for the city’s vibrant nightlife and a fantastic indoor swimming pool allows those seeking relaxation to find their haven. Immaculate services from the hotel staff make this an exemplary hotel.

Traders Kuala Lumper - pool bar Traders Kuala Lumper - bedroom

Thailand, Koh Samui Holiday July

South East Asia is especially wet in July, but there are a few places that escape the tropical downpours. On the gulf of Thailand it is the dry season and the stunning island of Koh Samui is waiting, with temperatures of over 30°C . Good weather stays strong from May through to October, meaning rain is just an occasional event rather than something more than a disruption.

Recommendation: Koh Samui has some exceptional hotels that rest on the seafront and an amazing example of this is Four Seasons Koh Samui. Four Seasons is built around tropical gardens on a sea face hillside, equipped with private villas and an infinity pool. Luxury is present in a secluded bay, which has views like never seen before, creating an environment of pure bliss. For those who enjoy the excitement of water sports, Koh Samui has a whole repertoire of activities for holidayers who live on the adventurous side of life, which includes dive trips to Ang Thong Marine Park and Koh Tao Island. Koh Samui is without exception one of the most romantic places in the world.

four seasons koh samui - thailand honeymoon packages - deck four seasons koh samui - thailand honeymoon packages - loungers

Bali Holiday July

May, June and July are generally the top months to travel to Bali, during the dry season. It’s always good to check an estimated weather report before you travel and pack accordingly, however if you like surfing then pay extra attention, as the western side of the peninsula truly creates some of the world’s best surfing waves. Bali is without a doubt a tranquil getaway full of natural beauty, heart warming culture and elegant architecture. Bali is a tranquil volcanic island with mesmerising beaches, rivers and forests. A Bali holiday would provide a peaceful, spiritual and romantic atmosphere.

Recommendation: Alila Ubud quite simply has one of the best surroundings out of any of the resorts we know. Gripping views of the surrounding Ayung River Valley creates a special secluded environment. Use eye catching views, luxurious apartments and private swimming pools to shape a special holiday full of memories.

Bali - Ubud hanging gardens - Pool woman alila-ubud-valley-villa

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